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Feb 2021

The Goodness of God — 14 February 2021

February 14, 2021

The Goodness of God - If you were convinced of God’s goodness, it would dramatically change your life. This is foundational to all theology. His goodness won’t allow anything to destroy His work of grace in a person’s life. Mike Bickle said, “All of God’s judgments are aimed at whatever interferes with love.” His goodness doesn’t avoid judgment in a sense but it is judgment against what would destroy you. So, even His judgment is an expression of His goodness.

The goodness of God is the cornerstone of all theology. It is a primary thought for us in learning what Jesus actually came to reveal. We know that He came to die on the cross, purchase our salvation, and to be resurrected in order to remove the sting of death. In doing that, He came to reveal the heart of our Heavenly Father. Jesus is perfect theology. Over and over, Jesus said that He came to reveal the FATHER. Not a taskmaster, judge, lawyer, but a Father. A “how much more” Father at that!

But, there are many times when things are turbulent that we struggle to trust the goodness of God, His heart.

If you have been walking in obedience and “stuff happens”, then rejoice because that stuff is called pruning and the Father is making you more fruitful. It may not feel like it. It might get ugly. Hang on...spring is coming!

If you have been walking in disobedience, stop, repent, and start taking steps to becoming an obedient branch. And, it is so important that you settle the fact that God is good.