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Mar 2021

Salt of the Earth, Week 2 — 7 March 2021

March 7, 2021

Humility, modesty, sincere, reliable, simple, godly, CHRISTIAN.

Maybe for some, but you might be asking, what am I to do? Can I get my situation turned around? How do I leave a legacy for my children? Move from generational curses or consequences to generational blessings?

How can I become a salt of the earth person? Let’s define it first. It would be the kind of person who followed the teachings of Jesus that he offered in the Sermon on the Mount. He is saying, “I’m about to teach you some things that if you apply them to your life, you will impact the earth, your community.”

How am I to become a solid, mature Christian, salt of the earth?

  1. Understand the power of YOU
  2. Understand the power of Holy Spirit