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Mar 2021

Salt of the Earth — 28 February 2021

March 1, 2021

What is a “salt of the earth” person? Well, we know from Matthew 5 it would be the kind of person who would heed the teachings of Jesus, a Christ-follower or a Christian. But, we have this cultural term too. The woke culture has threatened this and other terms - synonyms for “whiteness” like salt of the earth, patriot, conservative, Christian, etc. - this is so sad.

What defines a true “salt of the earth” person? Not race.

  • Humility - not impressed with themselves, not insecure, humility is honesty.
  • Modesty - no need to impress others, draw attention to themselves, not pretentious; I pray that you will go ahead now and embrace modesty as a lifestyle.
  • Sincerity​ - their yes is yes and their no is no, not fake, we’ve seen so much fakeness in our world that when we see real, we run to it, people are craving the real, authentic right now even if it’s not “great”, sincerity is endearing.
  • Reliability​ - you can trust their handshake, they’ll sign a contract but you don’t really have to get them to because their word is their bond, you can take it to the bank.
  • Simplicity​ - they don’t have to go on cruises in the Mediterranean to be content or happy, they don’t need the newest whatever to feel important, they don’t have to have the corner office, sit at the head of the table, they know who they are.

I want to start a campaign to raise up a salt of the earth church...

  • Real life-giving relationship with Jesus
  • Study the Bible
  • Engage with the Body of Christ