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Apr 2021

Resurrection Sunday — 4 April 2021

April 5, 2021

I know there is much fear in our culture today as we continue to deal with a pandemic, political unrest, media that is “state run” and hellbent on dividing people, racial tension, and a seismic shift in our western world. We’ve gone from being a Christian nation, to post-Christian, to anti-Christian culture. We’re not in Kansas anymore. All of this has given us concern, worry, anxiety, oppression, and anger.

How do we deal with this kind of stress and pressure? Let’s look at what happened to Jesus. The parallels are uncanny.

  1. A mob mentality
  2. An unfair trial
  3. A questionable election
  4. A cancel culture 
  5. An innocent person suffers

What if us being the salt of the earth is not just the impact we have when others see the light in us but it is the prayers that we pray when “it looks like God’s side is losing?" What if God’s best work is done when the seed is buried? All hope is lost? The only hope we have is a miracle?