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Apr 2021

Full-Brained Christianity — 18 April 2021

April 18, 2021

Holy Spirit is the Great Psychiatrist - illuminates the word, reminds you of what Jesus told you, Paraclete/comforter/counselor, parents us (fathers/mothers), empowers us...

Left side and Right side of brain. When I walk into the room, your face tells me more than your mouth does. The left side of my brain understands what you say but the right side of my brain tells me EVERYTHING.

Half-brained Christianity may help you figure everything out but it will take full-brained (Spirit-filled) Christianity for you to be free...prisoners free, sight for the blind, oppressed free.

  1. You need to engage your hunger for Spirit and Truth not just Truth
  2. The anointing breaks the yoke
  3. You were created to long for truth and your heart burns when you are near it or hear it
  4. Holy Spirit will help you to KNOW the truth

You were created to know the Truth, truth is a person, Jesus, and you won’t be fully satisfied until you discover the Truth. When you hear truth speaking, bringing good news to the poor, freedom to prisoners, sight for the blind, and oppressed are set free, your heart will burn.