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Jan 2021

Communitas — 24 January 2021

January 24, 2021

Liminality is a place of discomfort and agitation that requires us to endure and push into what is to come.

Liminality and Communitas, two sides of the same coin.

Liminality involves adventure, risk, journey, engagement, and courage. When liminality happens, it fundamentally restructures the nature of preexisting relationships. Friendships turn into a deeper, richer connection that is hard to put into words. Communitas. Being immersed in a communitas, participants experience an almost mystical togetherness that occurs only among a group of people engaging in a task bigger than itself.

Keep in mind that there is a direct link between liminality and communitas. 

The Church that Jesus built was to experience this form of togetherness. Not just for the sake of love and fellowship but because we have a “liminal” mission that requires more than “fellowship”.

Instead of being damaging to social structures, regular experiences of communitas strengthen a society. While societies need the stability of normal life, they also need liminal experiences of communitas.

  1. Liminal situations are vital to the Church and society.
  2. Liminal situations force communitas.
  3. We must focus on the mission of making disciples; most believers have no idea as to what they could accomplish if they would give into the stretch or the liminal season.
  4. Focusing on survival and self-preservation is a sure way for us to die.